Ivan Blažetić, known as “Šumski” is a Croatian-born artist living in Berlin. His artistic repertoire includes illustration, streetart, painting, sculpture and puppet-making.


My journey as Šumski is a quest for infinite adventures in surreal worlds. It is a quest for the nobility of spirit, seeking to attain new perspectives.

I stage empowering stories with intent to make the soul perceptible.“ Šumski” the playful spirits inhabiting this dream wisp us to look inward, cleanse our faces anew and dream in the clear dew-drops of the dawn. They encourage us to live and share life, imbued with a voice that call us to understand all life as sacred.

My works are exploring different processes and tools to stage a story. They stretch from contemplative illustrations to playful designs and socially engaged art in public spaces. Narrative of the artworks stand out with a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere that is simultaneously filed with life and movement. Winding pallet of psychedelic colours is giving life to many side stories that are living inside the main theme, encouraging curiosity to happen.


From the walls to canvas and sculptures, I’m passing those narratives to designs in collaborations with brands like: Nike | Serif – Affinity Designer for iPad | Street Surfing | Ziggi | Iskon | Igepa | Bruketa & Žinić OM | Maistra | Obzornik.

Passion for music inspired me to work with musicians, music labels and festivals worldwide. Some of them are Crystal Fighters | Save Us Records | Ozora festival | BMSS Records | Constant Circles | PsiloCybian | Collider Art Gallery | Paradigm Festival | Magician Hat | Tripoteca Festival.

My works have been exhibited in Berlin, Germany | Sofia, Bulgaria | Zagreb, Croatia | Ukraine | Romania | Belgium | United Kingdom | France | Serbia | New Zealand | Netherlands | Italy | USA | Norway | Australia | Slovenia | Hungary


Šumski” a Croatian  adjective word meaning “silvan” (that which inhabits the wood, is made of tree materials, or comprises the forest itself. The term can also refer to a person who resides in the woods or a spirit of the wood).







• Affinity Designer, iPad beta graphic for Serif, Nottingham, UK

• New Scientist Magazine, title page graphic, London, UK

• Paradigm Festival, Sydney, Australia

• Paradigm Festival (Hologram), Sydney, Australia

• OLA (One Little Atlas), Manchester, UK

• Street Surfing, Skateboards Design, Bridgewater, USA

• Magician Hat, Music Label Artwork, L.A, USA




• Trondheim Gate Art Festival, Trondheim, Norway

• Virovitica city Museum, Vitovitica, Croatia

• Wandelism, Berlin, Germany

• KOMBINAT, Rijeka, Croatia




• Wandelism, Berlin, Germany

• Group traveling exhibition “Tripoteca Film Fesitval” The Laboratory, Sofia Bulgarien | vDNg 13, Kiew, Ukraine | Urania Palace, Cluj, Romania | Offoff Theater, Gent, Belgium| The Horse Hosptial, London, UK | Toulouse, France

• Group traveling exhibition “Collider Art” MoDem Festival, Croatia | One Love Festival, Tauranga, New Zealand | Psy Fi Festival, Leeuwarden, Netherlands – Paratissima, Torino, Italy.




• Monster Project Art Book”, San Francisco, USA

• Vij magazine” Bulgaria, Sofia

• New Scientist Magazine, London, UK






• Mix it up, Bruketa & Žinić OM (IGEPA), Zagreb, Croatia

• Crystal Fighters Music Video (The Moondog) | Puppet design Berlin, Germany

• Paradigm Festival, Sydney, Australia

• ReArt festival, Osijek, Croatia

• Chris Rich: Quantum Soup, Boom Shanka Music”, London, UK




• Street artist “Re: Think Sisak” street art festival, Sisak, Croatia




• Constant Circles, Factory Fifteen, London, UK

• Wilder Garten, Berlin, Germany

• Bridges, Gallery Kortil, Rijeka, Croatia




• Illustration “Traumagazine” Germany

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